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The best London Ontario photography locations

Are you engaged and looking for a list of London Ontario photography locations? Keep reading for some of our favourite spots for engagement photos in London, Ontario and surrounding areas. In this blog we’re sharing a bunch of our top favourites!


Perfect engagement photos locations

The first step to finding a location for your engagement photos is to consider the vibe you want for your engagement session. Different types of locations will give your photos an altogether different feel. We have divided up engagement locations into the following four categories:

  1. Romantic
  2. Adventurous
  3. Rustic
  4. Seasonal

Keep reading to find out which type of location is the perfect fit for you!


1. Romantic London Ontario Engagement Photos Locations


Are you the Romantic Type? You love images that have a dreamy quality and grand landscapes that transport you! History and a touch of tradition strike a chord in your heart. You are into the Notebook vibe (and don’t mind feeling like you both are starring in your own epic movie!).

Western University Styled Engagement Photos

Here are the types of locations that are great match for you:

  • University with timeless architectural elements
  • Historic home
  • A wild field of flowers
  • A meadow with tall grass
  • The beach at sunset

Some of our Favourite London Ontario Engagement locations for Romantics include:

  1. University of Western Ontario
  2. Cranberry Creek Gardens (just outside of London)
  3. Brecia University
  4. Port Stanley Beach
  5. The Rose Garden at Civic Gardens
  6. Ivey Park or Peace Garden at Ivy Park
  7. The Old Courthouse
  8. The Plympton-Camlachie Chapel for a lifestyle engagement session

View some of our favourite Romantic London Ontario Engagement Sessions below!

University of Western Ontario Engagement Session
Engaged couple walking down the tree-lined path at Cranberry Creek Gardens
Cranberry Creek Gardens Engagement Session
Man picking up girl in burgundy dress with red heels at the old courthouse in london ontario
Old Courthouse engagement session in London, Ontario
Romantic couple sharing a kiss in front of white flowers at Civic gardens in London, ON
The Rose Garden at Civic Gardens Engagement Session

If you are willing to travel a bit, we also love Rockwood Conservation area for a romantic vibe:

Couple sit close together and share a soft moment during their engagement session in Rockwood Ontario
Rockwood Conservation Area Engagement Session

2. Adventurous London Ontario Photography Locations

So you are a bit of a wild child! You adore dramatic images and vast scenery. Wind blowing in your hair. The feeling of adventure. It doesn’t have to look perfect since raw and real (and fun) is the thing you love most.

Feeling wild and just want to have some fun? Consider the following location types:

  • Urban landscapes
  • A mountaintop
  • An alpaca farm
  • A beach in winter

Some of our favourite London Engagement Locations for adventurous lovers include:

  1. Downtown London Ontario
  2. Boler Mountain

If you are willing to travel a bit, we also love:

  • Scarborough Bluffs
  • Alpaca farm Sylvan Farm
  • Rooftop Engagements (these are a little harder to come by in London, Ontario)

See one of our favourite adventurous Engagement Sessions below!

Port Stanley Frozen Beach Engagement Session
Couple cuddle close together on a parking garage overlooking the river
Rooftop Engagements in Windsor, Ontario

3. Rustic London Ontario Photography Locations

You are love nature! You want to be surrounded by the simple elements. That’s your happy place and you want to spend time unwinding together surrounded by it all.

A down-to-earth nature lover? Consider the following locations types:

  • Conservation area
  • Forest
  • Farm
  • Water

Some of our favourite London Ontario engagement locations for nature lovers include:

  1. Fanshawe Conservation Area
  2. Westminster Ponds
  3. Rock Glen waterfall near Arkona
  4. Gibbons Park
  5. Meadowlily Woods Trail
  6. Grand Bend

See some of our favourite rustic London Ontario Engagement Sessions below:

Couple walking through field of flowers at Fanshawe Conservation Area
Flower field at Fanshawe Conservation Area
Westminster Ponds Engagement Photos
Westminister Ponds Engagement Session
Engaged couple hugging at Meadowlily Trail
Golden light Meadowlily Woods Trail engagement session

Grand Bend Ontario Engagement Photos
Grand Bend Engagement Session

If you are willing to travel a bit, we also love the versatility at Jackson Park in Windsor. It includes forest, architecture, and the feeling of a grand garden all rolled into one:

Jackson Park Engagement in Windsor

4. Seasonal Top Picks

Sometimes our couples know the exact season in which they want to have their engagement photos! Below are some of our go-tos based on the time of year.

Winter Engagement Photo Locations

  • University of Western Ontario Campus
  • Civic Gardens
  • Sydenham Ridge Estates
  • Port Stanley
  • If you are willing to travel a bit, some great indoor locations for an engagement session includes the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory and the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton and Burlington

Here’s a throwback to one of our most favourite Winter sessions!

Handsome young man kissing his fiancée in a pine tree forest at winter time at Sydenham ridge estates
Sydenham Ridge Estates winter engagement session at the pines

Spring Engagement Photos Locations

The key to picking the perfect engagement session location in the spring is to consider that spring starts off with not a whole lot of greenery! It’s best to pick a spot with gorgeous architecture or wait until the world blooms a little more! During the springtime, one of our most favourite locations for spring engagement photos is the magnolia trees at Springbank Park. Nailing down the perfect timing when the magnolia trees bloom and how long they last is a bit of a science. However, keep in mind that the magnolia trees bloom for 2-3 weeks around the end of April/beginning of May.


Summer Engagement Photo Locations

  • Port Stanley beach
  • Downtown/Thames River (it’s gorgeous at sunset!)

Here’s one of our all-time favourite summer sessions at Port Stanley!

Port Stanley Beach Engagement Session

Fall Engagement Photo Locations

  • Springbank Park (the fall colours peak mid to late October!)
  • The Old Courthouse

Make your engagement session unique

Making your engagement session unique means choosing details that reflect the two of you. In addition to choosing the right location, consider adding in elements that reflects the two of you! Have a scooter that you two adore? Are you a lover of all things vintage and have access to a vintage bike? Do you have a fur baby that you can’t imagine not including? Click here to read how to style your session.

In the end, it’s all about you. Not one of the sessions we shoot ever feels and looks the exact same! Each session feels completely unique since we are capturing the truly unique connection and energy of each of our couples! Plus, we always love hunting for new and exciting angles and frames so each session has its own vibe!


Parking advice for your Engagement Photos

Some of our favourite London Ontario photography locations require paid parking. Also keep in mind that depending on your location, you may need to pay an entry fee (e.g. to a conservation area). Love this handy little website that tells you where you can park! Just enter where you want to go and this website tells you where to park!


London Ontario Engagement Photographers

Still looking for a London Ontario engagement photographer? Our slots fill up quickly and we’d love to hear from you! We also have some top-secret locations that we can’t wait to spill the beans on! Let us know your vision and let’s create an experience that celebrates your magic.


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