Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Engagement Session


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Signposts in Life

The butterfly glided gently downwards, into her hands. An overwhelming joy welled up in her heart. The symbolism meant so much more to her than what appeared to the eye, though. She was brought back to a conversation she had years ago. Sometimes there are signs in life that tell us we’re on the right path. When Candace was in Florida with a friend years back, monarch butterflies became that sign for her. A life signpost. Fast forward to their engagement session planning and Candace and Tyler knew they wanted their engagement session to be surrounded by butterflies.

The beauty of the Butterfly Conservatory

Candace and Tyler celebrated their engagement session at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. Hedged in with tropical trees and vines, a rushing waterfall, and birds and butterflies of all shapes and sizes and colours, we entered a world that transported us. It was balmy and tropical, but more than that, the beauty of nature all around us was breathtaking and felt magical. 

A love that inspires

The best part of the experience was that we had a lot of fun just hanging out with Candace and Tyler! Their playfulness and especially the adoration, love, respect and care they have for one another is a rare gift and truly admirable and inspiring. You can tell just how much Tyler treasures his girl by the way he looks at her. For their Cambridge, Ontario engagement photo session, these two slowed right down to take it all in and explore the butterfly conservatory. With birds and butterflies swooping over and around them, we had an amazing time capturing these two together. Candace is the sweetest and really (read: really really!) wanted to have a monarch land on her. She waited so patiently. It was so much fun to capture the moment when it happened!

Perfect ending to a perfect evening

After visiting the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, we trekked to a local field and the lighting and ambience were divine. Trevor carried her across the field’s threshold. They stepped across the just-thawed ground hand-in-hand. It was such a romantic spot and we loved seeing them just savour their time together. 

The playfulness and connection of these two was such a joy to photograph and they made our job not only easy, but we loved laughing and hanging out with them! We are super excited to see them again when we get to celebrate their love at their upcoming wedding day celebration! Candace & Tyler, keep loving each other well, you are changing the world xo /// D&S


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Engagement Session Location: Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory


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