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There’s something really special about having pretty wedding details captured on your wedding day! What could just be ordinary objects, when put together artfully and photographed, creates beautiful keepsake photos! Have you ever noticed that when you look at popular wedding websites like Style Me Pretty or Green Wedding Shoes, the smaller details are alway photographed and included? It’s these kinds of images that create not only an editorial vibe, but help to set the context and elevate the feel of your wedding photography (and wedding day album!).

In this blog, we’re going to share the top 10 keepsake items that you will want to have photographed on your wedding day! Let’s jump in:

1. Your wedding stationery:

Wedding day stationery is a reflection of not only your wedding day, but also the two of you. It’s the first hint of what your wedding day will look like and feel like for your guests, and you’ve gone through a lot of work to pick and design the right stationery! Make sure you include it all: the invitation, save the date, RSVP card, any info or map cards, and any other stationery pieces. Pro tip: For a really authentic capture, include it all, even right down to the envelopes and wax seals and stamps!

“Call It Love” Stationery suite by Love on Paper Co.

2. Your bouquet & other florals

It’s really important to have all of your florals at the bride’s getting ready suite at the start of the day. Photographs of your wedding bouquet can include images of just your flowers as well as other photos that include your flowers as part of the rest of your details. Pro tip: Want to take your wedding day floral shots to the next level? Ask your florist if they can include a few loose pieces of florals used in your bouquet to be used in your stationery pictures. Florists will often be more than happy to do this, and always appreciate receiving these kinds of pictures as well!

Hamilton Ontario Wedding Photos taken by Dylan & Sandra Photography

3. Your wedding band and engagement ring

It’s always great to receive images of your wedding band and engagement ring styled is in a really pretty way. Ensure that your rings are with you while you’re getting ready, and entrust one of your best girls to take care of them and make sure they get to where they need to go! Pro tip: We just absolutely love those velvet ring boxes from the Mrs. box company. You can also get them from Etsy! They are a beautiful way to capture your most precious jewellery!

Bride getting ready at family home in Windsor Ontario by Dylan and Sandra Photography

4. Your wedding day perfume

If photos could smell, they would be scented with your wedding day perfume! Have you ever noticed that smells can take you back to a special moment in time? Beautiful smells paired with incredible life experiences are what makes them having their super-staying power. Photographs of your wedding day perfume make for a neat memory of what you were wearing on your big day.

5. Family heirlooms

Do you have a special ring from grandma? Or maybe something blue that’s been passed down? Little details like these are always precious to look back on.

Zurich Ontario Family Cottage Wedding by Dylan and Sandra Photography

6. Shoes

You found the perfect wedding shoes! Now it’s time to get photos of your special footwear. Pro tip: Make sure to wear them before your wedding day so that you can gauge how comfortable you will be! Adding padding is a must to feel great. Make sure to bring Band-Aids for blisters protection too!

7. Wedding day jewellery

From your earrings, to your necklace, to any bracelets or other little pieces, make sure to have these ready to be photographed!

8. A picture of your mom in her wedding dress

If you are the sentimental type, just think how neat it would be to hold a framed photo of your mom in her wedding dress once you slip into yours. Next level? Imagine your future daughter holding a photo of you in your dress. Pro tip: Frame the photo of your mom in a lovely silver frame in advance

9. Robes

When your girls are wearing robes, they’re not only cute and comfy but always looks great for the pictures too!

Zurich Ontario Family Cottage Wedding by Dylan and Sandra Photography

10. The dresses

A big part of including all the details is to set the scene for your day when you look back at your images chronologically. Set aside your bridesmaid stresses alongside your own wedding gown. To make things run smoothly and effortlessly, ensure that every single store tag is cut off the night before. Pro tip: Pull together a wooden hanger for each dress so that photos of your dresses look even more amazing! Consistency is key and wooden hangers is a very easy way to make your dress photos look more upscale. IKEA has amazing prices on wooden hanger sets.

Bride getting ready in Ancaster Ontario by Dylan and Sandra Photography

Bonus: Something special to celebrate with

Champagne, confetti, Mimosa’s. Whatever your style is, you will love having photos of you celebrating with your bridesmaids! Afterall, it is a day worth celebrating!!

Bride getting ready in Ancaster Ontario by Dylan and Sandra Photography

We hope that this was helpful in knowing all of the prettiest details that you will want to pull together for your wedding day morning! Collecting all of these items far in advance is key to a stress free morning, and when styled and photographed together, these details will look beautiful and will be some of your favourite images that will bring you back to your beautiful day!

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