- Grand Bend Beach Engagement Session


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Grand Bend Beach Engagement Session

When Paths Cross…

Keep reading to see photos from Bayan and Adam’s Grand Bend Beach engagement session! We first met Bayan when she was a bridesmaid at her good friend, Tayjah’s, Boler Mountain wedding last year. (See Tayjah’s Mountaintop Boler Mountain wedding here). Tayjah’s wedding day was an incredible celebration of two of our favourites. And we are grateful we got to meet Bayan on that day! We were so blown away by Bayan’s grace and she’s such a beauty! 

Now a Bride

When Bayan contacted us to be her London Ontario wedding photographer, we were excited that we would get to see her again. And this time we would be celebrating her own wedding day! Bayan is a beautiful human. She may seem soft-spoken, but she is passionate and fiery and loves her family and friends deeply. Adam is a gentleman, and he cares for Bayan so well which we love! Together, they are a perfect team and it’s so exciting that they are getting married!

A Beach Engagement

When we were planning Bayan’s engagement session, she wanted it to be on the beach. A little big thing about us: Nothing makes us happier than being close to the water. It’s so peaceful. And the visual of an unending horizon of water is always so breathtaking. Combine that with these two humans, and it was a special evening to celebrate their forever yes to each other!

Grand Bend Beach Session

For Bayan and Adam’s Grand Bend beach engagement session we went to the family beach house! We also explored in an around the area. As London Ontario wedding photographers, we always love visiting Grand Bend for photo sessions. It’s a gorgeous getaway that’s less than one hour away from the city. Their Grand Bend Beach Engagement Session was a great way to celebrate their upcoming wedding!

In a Blink

Bayan and Adam, we can’t believe your day is almost here! We are honoured that we get to be the ones to document your first day as husband and wife and join in the wedding celebration with your incredible friends and family! 

Location: Grand Bend, Ontario


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