The best wedding business course when you feel stuck: An updated Review of Kyle Goldie’s course

UPDATE Jan 2024: Currently our affiliate link is only working as a discount towards Kyle’s Showit Templates and Presets, if anything changes we will update this here! Use this link for the discount (Jan 2024): Click Here


We love sharing about the resources that have helped us grow and serve the most beautiful clients in our wedding business. Check out our updated review below of Kyle Goldie’s wedding business course 1.5 years later.

We’ve invested a lot of money and time into learning how to care well for our clients! And we’d love to share a more comprehensive list down the road, but for today we’re going to talk about the best course we’ve found to finally launch your wedding industry business. Whether you are a wedding photographer, planner, florist, DJ, stationer, or videographer, our all-time favourite wedding business resource to date has been the Book More Weddings system (AKA Elevate Mastermind) by Kyle Goldie. And here’s why…


A pretty website is not the solution

Most everyone has been there. You are burning the candle at both ends because you believe in your business idea. But clients are not contacting you. You truly feel like you are spinning your wheels. And it’s not like you don’t produce nice work…

A lot of us believe in the concept of “if you build it they will come”. But that’s unfortunately not what happens for most wedding pros. We start off thinking a pretty website is the solution. We all want to have pretty websites! But here’s some real talk: you can even have bad work and make money. It’s that a shame?!! I remember the first time we really let that hit us. We worked so hard to get everything looking nice, but little did we know, even with all of my admin and marketing background, we were missing many crucial steps.

If you can only choose one wedding business course: getting breakthrough

We adore so many educators that have been an incredible inspiration to us! In the wedding photography world, Amy & Jordan, Katelyn James, Justin & Mary, and The Youngrens have been incredibly instrumental in helping us hone our business into a dream business. And we love how each wedding photography educator has their own DNA and perspective on how to grow a flourishing wedding photography business.

But, if you are feeling stuck in your business, hands-down, this is the one course you absolutely need to take right now: Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Mastermind to book more weddings. In the wedding industry, there are a ton of educators that promise a lot and don’t deliver the big picture they say they will. But Kyle is a legit genius that gives you access to all the strategies that will move the needle forward quicker than you think. Looking for a referral link to get a discount? Click here and use code: ROCKSTARMARTIN

Kyle Goldie’s wedding business course contents

Kyle Goldie Elevate Business Mastermind Course Info Graphic

Kyle specializes in providing a very tangible blueprint with efficient steps to get unstuck quickly. He literally covers all of the bases that you need to have in place in order to build, attract, and continue grow your business for the years to come. We first heard about Kyle Goldie’s course because a photographer friend of ours was having insane success with it (read: he finally quit his day-job and started full-time wedding photography). That sounded very good to us.

We took the dive. It was the best investment to kick-start our dream.

It’s all above-board legit stuff based on a comprehensive system system of getting your SEO, marketing, communication and brand psychology in top shape. All of the little details make a difference and you don’t need to be a genius make it all happen. Kyle Goldie’s wedding business course literally covers all of your bases with a checklist of topics and step-by-step instructions that will impress you. As a bonus, if you don’t have time to make it all happen like a strategic website refresh, Kyle also offers services to do it all for you that are priced really well. Side note: he periodically offers free 20 minutes business coaching if you need a coach to help you figure out your personalized next steps! The best part is that none of his content is philosophical, it is all highly practical.

Time tested: Kyle Goldie is the Real Deal

We have been in Kyle Goldie’s business course for the past year and a half. And this is the first thing that sets Kyle’s course apart… The benefits don’t stop once you complete the comprehensive A-Z blueprint for launching your business. Once you join the course, make sure to add on access to the Elevate bundle which includes access to the student Facebook group. In the Facebook group, you get free group coaching calls, as well as access to other freebies like website reviews and feedback on all of your business questions from Kyle and his qualified team associates. Coaching calls alone run hundreds per call.

Wedding business education that pays for itself quickly

Can I get a hallelujah on this? We paid full price when we bought the course and thought it was a steal. Click here for our Kyle Goldie referral link which gets you an extra 10% off and enter code: ROCKSTARMARTIN

If you can get in on this current price plus the discount, you are set. The best part? We were only 1/4 through the course and already started reaping the benefits. When we started the course we had 3 weddings in our calendar and after 2 months of being in the course, we had 15 weddings in our calendar! The course more than paid for itself within the first week of taking his steps.

The cost of success for wedding professionals

It’s flipping hard to run your own business. But the rewards are freedom to pursue your passion and calling, and build your life the way you want to live it. At times, fate requires a little nudge, and this course is a pivotal investment that will get you unstuck if you are ready to finally get results you’ve been working for.

Benefits that keep on giving

You can see our original Kyle Goldie course review here that Dylan and I posted. We’ve time tested this course content and the content and benefits just keep giving. So if you feel like you are at a dead end and not booking enough clients, this is a real life, legit roadmap to get unstuck. We also love how Kyle has a 14 day guarantee, but we equally love that you won’t have to use it 😉 As soon as you join the course, you get the feeling that he is truly invested in you seeing success in your own business. It’s nice to have personal support on the journey!

Save even more on the course with this Referral Link!

Ready to take the leap? Here’s affiliate link for 10% off of Kyle Goldie’s wedding business course (and anything else you get from him). Make sure to enter code: ROCKSTARMARTIN


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