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A playful session at the iconic courthouse

This Old Courthouse engagement is playful and so romantic! We adore Nik and Nick (how amazing that they basically share the same name?). What’s more is that they had their Old Courthouse engagement in the fall… and the colours were stunning! Keep reading to see it all!


The Old Courthouse in the fall

We’re always amazed at the classic beauty that is the Old Courthouse, but in the fall, it’s even more magical. We’re huge fans of how the colours are so alive—all the shades of green, oranges, reds, burgundies and all the gold. Add-in all the love these two share, and it was truly the sweetest session.


Swipe right for love

Nik and Nick met on Tinder and he was completely smitten by her smile. She totally caught him off guard. They decided to go on a date at Williams and were so into the conversation that… they forgot to order coffee! And when the waitress came up to them to tell them that the café was closing, it was too late and they never did get their first-date coffee at Williams. But they walked away with so much more. Within just one month, it was really clear to Nik: Nick was the one for her. And when they backpacked through Europe, Nick didn’t skip a beat. He packed the engagement ring and popped the question in Paris (major swoon)!


Marrying your bestie

The thing we adore most about these two is how easygoing and relaxed they are! It was so fun hanging out with Nik & Nick we are beyond excited for their Boler Mountain wedding this year! N&N, you two inspire us to no end to keep on having fun and living in the moment. We are so blessed we get to capture just how amazing you are together and can’t wait to celebrate your wedding day soon xo D&S


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