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A fun joy-filled local beach engagement session that is an escape from the everyday! This session celebrates Erin & Hans, two awesome humans that make us smile.

A session on the beach

Loving these summer days, and especially loving time spent celebrating with our beautiful couples! For Erin and Hans’ session, they knew they wanted it to be a beach engagement session! So much of our own personal love story is connected to the beach. So every time one of our couples wants a session by the water, we know it’s going to be good!


Port Stanley Engagement Adventure

The best part of this Port Stanley beach engagement session is that every step of it felt like a mini adventure! We’d be happy with just photographing these two walking on the shore. But in true style to our session experience, there were some surprises to be had!


Moments to pause & reflect

We love how these two brought along champagne to celebrate (possibly the most delicious-smelling Champagne!). And we loved how they had fun together just skipping rocks. Those little moments of pause and reflection are always so sweet!


Beach surprise

But then Erin spotted… two deer! Dylan spent summers growing up on Manitoulin Island, so deer (and any larger wildlife, really) is always a welcomed surprise! The deer were quick, but of course, Dylan managed to capture them before mom and fawn slipped away into the forest lining the beach!


The beauty of a golden-lit beach

And as the golden sun slipped lower and lower into the water’s horizon, the landscape shifted oh-so-beautifully! We love our light-filled sessions, but this one felt extra unique! At certain points, the layers of the beautiful environment shifted from a coastal feel to a touch of dessert-feel. It was such a pretty evening that had us in awe at the beauty of nature. The perfect backdrop for these two.


Wedding Plans

Erin and Hans are such a perfect match. We adore how they are so relaxed and also so fun! Erin is that perfect mix of romance and adventure, and Hans always knows how to make her laugh. You can’t help but love being around them! Their winter wedding is going to be amazing and we are so excited for this next chapter of their adventure together!


More Port Stanley Beach Engagement Inspiration

We’ll always love beach engagement sessions at Port Stanley! It’s even pretty in the winter! Yes, winter 😉 (we got married in the winter so snow will always be romantic to us!). Here is a winter engagement inspiration at Port Stanley. For more summer inspiration check out this romantic Port Stanley engagement session!


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