Comparison of the Top Three Best Photography Business Courses

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The top three courses we love and why

Here’s a really quick review of the best photography business courses out there, including the new Thrive Business Course Intensive from the Youngrens, and our latest thoughts on Kyle Goldie and Amy & Jordan’s business courses, too. (You may remember our famous Kyle Goldie vs. Amy & Jordan showdown blog, if you haven’t read that yet, make sure to read that first!).

A little bit about us… We are obsessed with personal and business growth, especially since we started our wedding photography business without a business background. We also LOVE sharing good things. So when we were asked to provide a comparison of the best wedding photography business courses we have taken, we got excited! Here are the best top three wedding photography business courses, and how to decide which one is right for you.


What’s up for review

All of the courses reviewed below are comprehensive courses that each include a ton of content. (We personally find this approach is better than piecing together topics from 101 educators since a lot of topics are interconnected!). It’s also WAY more cost-effective.

In this review of the best photography business courses, we are sharing reviews on three of our favourite business courses so you can find your best match for moving your business forward.

  1. Elevate Business Mastermind from Kyle Goldie
  2. The Thrive Business Intensive from The Youngrens
  3. Amy & Jordan’s Business Course from Amy & Jordan

1. Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Business Mastermind

I can’t sing enough praises about the Elevate Business Mastermind course. It’s literally the secret weapon to how we have gone from page 13 on Google to page number one. Yes, you read that right. So is it the best photography business course? It’s a freaking wedding booking boot camp on steroids. Honestly, if you want people to find you on Google and learn about all of the roadblocks to why you are not booking, this course will tell you. I know it sounds too good to be true, but just take the course for 30 days (there’s a free trial at the time of writing this) and you will learn exactly why it’s so amazing.

We’ve written about it extensively when we did our Kyle Goldie and Amy & Jordan showdown, and again when I wrote an updated review on Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Mastermind. It’s one relatively small investment that will pay for itself in booked weddings quickly (we paid double the current price and it earned it’s value 8x in the first month of the course). With this photography business course, you will keep reaping the benefits on autopilot (honestly). The best part? You can score 10% off at check-out when you enter ROCKSTARMARTIN.


You need this if:

Nothing you are doing is moving your business forward and you feel stuck. If you follow the Kyle Goldie step-by-step simplified approach, you’re going to get the movement you’ve been slaving for. Be prepared to be blown away by the results with a no-nonsense straight-shooter methodology.

Really good for: SEO magic, off-the-hook client email templates, quick and dirty quick success, long term SEO results. Check out Kyle Goldie’s Elevate Business Mastermind and enter code ROCKSTARMARTIN for 10% off most of his business resources for photographers!


2. The Thrive Business Intensive

The Thrive Business Intensive is a system for finally organizing your business and personal life. If you are feeling aimless and don’t know how or if you will ever reach all of your business dreams, this business course is for you.

In the Thrive Business Intensive, you get the seriously genius-level money, time, and CEO mad-skills that the Youngrens have. If you don’t know who the Youngrens are, you need to get acquainted. They run three mega-brand photography businesses. Plus they are well-known for their wedding photographer education including this amazing wedding photography business podcast. Jeff and Erin are passionate about transferring their skills to photography business owners to achieve their dreams and create businesses that grow in leaps and bounds.

The result? They teach how exactly to STOP being a slave to your photography business (sound familiar?). Instead, they show you how to discover what effective CEO-life really looks like. These are business skills that 99% of your competitors are lacking. You’ll learn how to stop getting aimlessly yanked around by your to do list. And you’ll learn how to finally breathe, strategize, and build the business you truly want.


Thoughts about this course

You are not alone if you feel stuck, frustrated, and nervous about the real future of your business. Investing in this course will give you renewed hope and direction. You can rise above your circumstances and self-defeating mindsets. The tools provided in this course are rare gems you won’t find in any other business course. The Thrive Business Intensive makes you feel like you can run your business like a true BOSS. And it’s the only business course on the market that will help you understand your purpose, plus your numbers! That’s why we cannot do a “best photography business courses” compilation without mentioning this incredible photography business course.

You can access the FREE Thrive Business training to start! Also, here are two(2) biz freebies that are barely the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll be investing into when you take Thrive Business Intensive. Click on the graphics below to score some FREE liquid gold so you can start to inject some recession-proof stealth into that business of yours and beat business overwhelm.

Sign-up for free Thrive Business Intensive cash flow resources for wedding photographers from The Youngrens
Sign-up for free Thrive Business Intensive time management resources for wedding photographers from The Youngrens

Also totally worth the mention: We can’t stop raving about the Youngren’s course that shows you how to book your dream clients and write irresistible website copy. We got started with their free Book your Dream Client masterclass.

The Youngrens are accepting only a small handful of businesses in this incredible life-changing business course. Ready to build a strategic and strong foundation that will carry you through every season? Sign-up to get on their much-anticipated Thrive Business Course waitlist or get the course now pending their enrolment is open!


You need this if….

Running a wedding photography business on your own, or as a married team, is REALLY hard work. The Thrive Business Course has been a makeover for how our business feels. We know what to work on and why (because our tasks are connected to “quarterly rocks” now!). For the first time ever, we have weekly CEO meetings, quarterly meetings, and finally understand how to move our business ahead strategically in order to meet our yearly and 5 year goals. We can’t recommend this course enough for photographers who want to inject order and calm into their business. The course contents will change how YOU feel, too. Having things in order never felt so good. Be prepared for a Zen takeover!

Really good for: Getting the foundation right in your business, day-to-day operations, making sure your numbers are spot-on, crafting a strategically awesome business and life, long-term growth and success. Check out the Thrive Business Intensive.


3. Amy & Jordan’s Business Course

Amy & Jordan are incredible role models to us. If you are wanting to learn how to build a people-first business that people rave about, this is for you. Relationship-building truly is the cornerstone of running a successful business, and your own talent can only take you so far. From how to care for clients to how to get on preferred vendor lists, this course will make you a better business owner and human.


Other AJ courses worth the mention

We have literally taken every single course by Amy & Jordan. That should tell you a lot! We know the quality of each of their courses will always be worth it. We also highly recommend the following AJ courses:

  • Shooting & Editing Course: If you feel lost in how to shoot and edit for a light and airy (or bright and airy) feel, this course is required! There’s a lot of myths about how to achieve a bright and airy look (spoiler alert: it has very little do with your editing!). Get $50 off the AJ Shooting & Editing Course.
  • Posing Course: Gain quick confidence on how to pose couples and families while making it fun, getting. rhythm, and avoiding all the cheesy poses! This is a really comprehensive course that includes some serious do’s and don’ts and principles we use on every single shoot. Get $50 off the AJ Posing Course with our Friends and Family Discount!

You need this if…

You value people and relationships and want to learn how to make people feel loved, and influence clients and other vendors positively to build a flourishing business. If you are just starting out in wedding photography, this course will be like having a best friend come alongside you and lead you ahead in building a dream business that others fall in love with. We’re so grateful for everything Amy & Jordan do (including their Amy & Jordan podcast!). Be prepared for encouragement to fulfil your dreams and incredible tools to get you there.

Really good for: Incredible business workflows for booking and closing the deal, mid-term strategies for attracting clients and creating vendor relationships, long-term success through solid relationship building. Check out the AJ Business Course.


Which one is the Best Photography Business Course?

You should know that Dylan and I are very keen on making WISE investments. We only spend money if we can prove to ourselves that there will be a payout equal to or greater to the investment. You should also know we’ve taken lots of education from many “famous” educators, but only recommend the best that we’ve experienced.

Also, we wouldn’t be the wedding photographers we are without this varied background. As you can tell, each of these courses employs a very different angle, and all of the results are very good.

So our honest answer on the best photography business courses? If you are serious about investing in yourself and growing a truly great business, start with the one that speaks most to where you are at right now. You can’t go wrong with any of the above. We highly recommend each of them so you can reap the amazing rewards of all three.


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