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To everyone planning a wedding right during the pandemic, there is one question: how to survive planning a wedding during covid. We would just like to share with you an encouraging note.

First of all, let’s acknowledge something. You have been through all the ups and downs of planning. You deserve some serious recognition here. This is not a normal experience of wedding planning! Wedding planning can be a challenge to begin with. But add-in a global pandemic, and you are basically at guru status now with how you are rolling with the punches. After countless restriction announcements, you can still find reasons to smile although you may be feeling sad about the ‘w’ word. And even if you’ve lost the excitement of wedding planning, it will come back, promise.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your day, there are three big things to keep in mind. Follow these, and you are winning in the wedding planning department.

If you are feeling stuck in figuring out how to make your wedding happen during Covid-19, please do reach out with any questions. We can customize something for you and show you just how amazing your plan B can be even more heartfelt and amazing.

With all the changes and no guarantees for tomorrow, here’s our list of 3 things to keep in mind when planning a wedding during covid.


1. Exhale with an intimate wedding concept

I’m starting with this one, and here’s why. Having a Covid-19 wedding requires a shift in focus to get back in touch with the main thing: the main thing that truly matters is that you are getting married. Everything else that can happen is extra. Pause for a moment as you consider this.

Of all our couples that postponed their wedding last year to this year, and also those that originally booked for this year, nearly everyone is choosing the route of an intimate wedding in 2021.

And here is why. Benefits of an intimate wedding include: 

  • heartfelt + memorable without the stress of a full-blown longer day
  • a more relaxing experience on the day-of (especially if you an introvert)
  • no pressure to invite everyone (just your closest favourites)
  • save some of that stashed away wedding money for your future renos or dream home
  • experience the relief of finally being married! 
  • enjoy the flexibility to spend a little more on the touches that make your wedding day feel extra special (eg. anything that could make the day feel more beautiful or stress-free like more florals, a wedding planner, etc)

Oftentimes, we have seen that the couples who have postponed for their original vision to happen the following year find themselves postponing again as their original vision just never seems attainable. On the other hand, an intimate wedding concept invites you to find some new joy.

The best part: an intimate wedding allows flexibility to make your day exactly what you want it to be. Having an intimate wedding also means that you can easily pull-in fun or adventurous elopement vibes for a truly memorable day (see our 5 steps. to plan your dream elopement). Whether you want to get married in the forest, on a mountain-top, or at a modern venue followed by an urban chic stroll through the downtown, we are ready to work with you to create the day exactly as you want it. Contact us to design your unique-to-you wedding day!


2. Find Yourself some Venue Flexibility

If you are currently in-between venues, pick a venue that gives you some flexibility during Covid.

For example, we have noticed that venues connected to our local university are the most aggressive in shutting down operations, even when it’s not required to do so.

Other smaller homegrown venues, like Cellar 52, Storehouse 408, and Stonebrook Farm are highly committed to helping couples work within the restrictions and get married. These smaller venues often provide great little packages that include decor too! Read: Skip the stress of planning all the little pretty details because they are literally all done for you.

At the end of the day, we also recommend having an easy back-up venue. Because if Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we always need backup plans! Even if it’s your neighbour’s beautiful backyard (make sure you ask them of course!) or a public landmark, it can still be every bit magical. Because the celebration itself is magical. Nothing can take that away. Here’s a blog that shares how to pull-off a dreamy backyard wedding. Looking for an inspiration backyard wedding? Check out this simple, bold and colourful backyard wedding!

If you are on the hunt for backup location ideas, here’s a blog that includes a long list of our favourite elopement locations in Ontario (that can also double as intimate wedding spots!). On the search for a gorgeous staffed venue? We have you covered with our venue guide of the best London and Cambridge wedding venues in Ontario.

3. Consider the format of your day

It might be surprising, but 8 hours is still a great amount of time for a full-day elopement experience (or intimate wedding surrounded by your favourite people). But if you want to get married asap when there are restrictions in place that do not allow for a reception, you have options. For example:

  • a) Get photography of your ceremony with all the portraits photographers are permitted to take + reserve some of your original coverage to go towards a one-year anniversary session or a post-wedding portrait session; 
  • b) Get photography of your ceremony with all the portraits photographers are permitted to take + with the money you are saving on coverage, see if you photographers can provide you with an heirloom-quality wedding album like these ones that we provide
  • c) Pick a venue that has all the details covered, like decor and a celebratory toast. Or change your big day to a Petite Styled Wedding package that includes a planner and photographer (and have a planner take care of all the coordination, venue management and venue changes as required, styling, set up and take down for a truly stress-free wedding).
  • d) Get coverage of your ceremony this year, and also reserve hours to capture your reception next year with all fingers and toes crossed!!

‎Not all photographers are providing this flexibility with your initial photography investment, so just be sure to doublecheck that your photographer can work with you to make your coverage make sense for your revised wedding plans.


Final Word of Advice for 2021 Weddings

You need to be your very best advocate and plan with your mental health in mind. It’s hard to gain perspective when we’re exhausted and discouraged. Unknowns with all the changing restrictions are the most stressful factor in planning a 2021 wedding right now.

The main lesson of wedding planning these past couple of years is that really, anything can happen. So decide how long you are willing to wait for your original vision.

Alternatively, except for lockdown restrictions, we have seen that every couple that just had their wedding on their original date experienced no regrets and found new joy in pivoting and creating a new (and oftentimes even better, more authentic-to-them) versions of their wedding day. Remember, no matter how your day looks, the day you commit forever to each other is one of the most incredible days you will ever experience. (And there are always ways to make it feel even more special when you add in personal touches(.

Here are some extra inspirational resources!


That’s it from us, sending all the hugs and can’t wait to hear from you with any questions!

Truly, Sandra (& Dylan!)


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