Have a live stream wedding (when you want to invite everyone but can’t!)


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Do you want to have a live stream wedding but aren’t sure where to begin? This professional live stream wedding service is amazing, and we’re going to share why it’s so popular (for only $50 USD)!

Now more than ever, a lot of couples are wanting to live stream their wedding day. You can invite everyone you want to join. But not all live wedding streaming options are made equal. Move over Zoom! We are big fans of EventLive. And we’re going to share all the reasons why!


One simple live stream wedding app

All you need is a dedicated phone

We love sharing about EventLive — it’s such a highly rated app, and our favourite ones to recommend to couples. Why? It’s drop-dead simple to use, and we LOVE how it’s even easier for your virtual guests!

To operate EventLive, all you need is to download the app, set up your phone, and let it roll! It works on both Android or Apple phones too! Especially for smaller weddings that may not have a videographer, this is a wonderful options that is actually user-friendly.


Your privacy

Get a private link to your day

We love how much provacy is built into EventLive. This live stream wedding service gives you the control to decided who gets to view your wedding day! All invited guests receive a private link.


Completely accessible

Any device or phone can access it


Whether your guest have an Android or an iphone or any other phone or computer, all they need to attend your wedding virtually is a link! It works on all phones and devices, and does not require your guests to download or use any specific apps.


Everyone can attend

Unlimited live stream wedding viewers

A lot of live streaming wedding apps have capacity limits on how many people can watch your event virtually. Event live lets you invite all the people you want to attend virtually. a small number, hundreds or thousands, their are unlimited viewers that can watch.


Instant access

Zero ads or interruptions or logins

Avoid fighting with technology. And the last thing your guests need is to fight with technology to just to get the chance to watch your wedding day! EventLive has the easiest user experience for live streaming.


Automatic reminders

Email reminders directly to your guests

On your wedding day, skip the stress of sending out reminders to guests! Your guests will get a reminder the day before your wedding, 1 hour befoe your wedding, and at the time of your wedding. Easy-peasy. This is probably our most favourite feature so you don’t need to worry about sending reminders to your guests. EventLive does it for you!


Completely foolproof

Records no matter what

No more what-ifs about things not recording properly. Eventlive is foolproof because even if the internet is spotty, it all records perfectly. There will be no lost moments!

Romantic night kiss under the twinkle lights at Arrowwood Farm

All day live wedding stream

Quality HD streaming

EventLive provides day-long streaming, and all in HD. This means that guests get to see everything crystal clear 🙂


A live stream wedding that’s yours forever

Download your video

At the end of your wedding day, your video recording is yours to keep! Download and keep it as a backup of one of your sweetest days.


Receive all the love

A virtual guestbook is included

If EventLive wasn’t already everything you needed, they’ve gone a step further and have included a free virtual guest book so you can see everyone’s well-wishes.


Purchase EventLive for your wedding

Click here to purchase EventLive for your wedding day now.

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