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Now more than ever, London, Ontario catering options are getting booked-out fast. Intimate weddings have never been more popular. A restaurant can be the perfect space for your celebration, or the key to great food at your own private soiree! Here’s a round-up of the best London, Ontario catering options!

Gorgeous elegant and rustic intimate wedding reception at The Harvest Table at Arrowwood Farm

Why a restaurant could make a great wedding venue

Surrounded by your select favourite family and friends, restaurants venues are the perfect way to celebrate your union. Not only do restaurant venues allow you to often have a more heartfelt, intimate experience of your day. They also help keep you focussed on the main thing: marrying your best friend instead of getting lost in all the details. And what’s even better than that? Eating amazing food together by the city’s best chefs.


The Food makes the experience

If you are anything like us, you are a lover of find the best-of eats in the city. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best pad Thai or pillowy soft donuts, good food makes an amazing occasion even better! We’ve listed our faves below. Most of the restaurant venue options below also provide at-home catering (for even more wedding venue flexibility).


Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Farm-to-table restaurants and catering create a rustic experience that warms up your heart. Farm fresh and local ingredients mean a soul-food experience that pours love back on our local farmers and food artisans.

Wildflowers Farm

Growing Chefs

The Root Cellar (temporarily closed)

Craft Farmacy

Gnosh Dining & Cocktails


Multicultural restaurants

You are a lover of foods from different locales? We got you covered. Whether you love Greek food, Italian, or Portuguese, these small wedding venues in London and the surrounding area are sure to please. Here’s a list of our favourite multi-cultural options that can accommodate intimate parties.

Tia’s Place




Dimi’s Greek House


Relaxed Fine Dining Restaurants

These casual fine-dining restaurants are some of our favourites when it comes to small wedding venues in London, Ontario that have yummy food!


The Bistro

Blackfriars Bistro & Catering


Fine Dining Restaurants

A special celebration is a perfect match for these fine dining options. Each dish is a masterpiece and the experience at these restaurants will transport you and your guests for a truly special culinary experience.

Taverna 1331

Waldo’s on King

The Springs Restaurant


Historic Restaurants & wedding venues

These restaurant have historic charm for an extra classy event. We love these historic restaurants because they have a cozy upscale vibe. Some of these restaurant options are a little drive from London, but totally worth it!

Moor House Estates

The Church Key

Revival House

Villa Cornelia

Belmont Town Restaurant & Catering


Catering-only for Weddings at Home

If you are planning on having an intimate wedding celebration at home or in a public or rented space, these options are incredible and highly-rated!

Culinary Catering

In Home Chef (p.s. they have to-die-for Caesar salad, literally the best we’ve ever tried!)

Little Mushroom Catering Company


The Best for Last…

Our most favourite London Ontario catering options are the ones that give you the best of both worlds: an amazing food experience and also gorgeous backdrops for your photos. We adore The Harvest Table at Arrowwood Farm sooooo much for this very reason and it’s our finale pick! This farm-to-table venue has plenty of gorgeous backdrops for photos! It’s truly a dream (and a gem). See this stunning Harvest Table and Arrowwood Farm wedding we shot.


Final considerations: When picking a restaurant for your wedding venue

When picking the perfect venue for your small wedding celebration, take into consideration the lighting. Chances are, off-camera flash will be required for capturing speeches, tears, and hand squeezes(!). This will give you a classic moody vibe. You will also want to consider that backdrop where you are seated! Check-in with your restaurant venue to see if you can add-in greenery (like a decorative frame behind you) for your background, and plenty of candles to your table for that extra ambience. It will go a long way! You’ll also want privacy and limited noise so ask about how to best achieve that! Finally, think in advance about pre-and post-wedding reception photos; these can be captured outside of your venue. As photographers, we are experts at quickly finding the right backgrounds and lighting for your photos, so when you work with us, we’ll have that covered!


Small Wedding Photographers

We adore heartfelt, intimate weddings. Reach out to see if we have your wedding available! We’ll help you plan your schedule so there’s lots of room for everything that is important to you, and take all the stress away from wedding photos so your only job is to enjoy your most epic day!


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