How to Elope in Ontario (Plus the most beautiful elopement venues!)

How to Elope in Ontario (Plus the most beautiful elopement venues!)


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There comes a time when you may think to yourself, “let’s just elope!”. But just how does one elope in Ontario? Here’s a collection of all the things you need to know to make your elopement dream a reality. It may be easier than you think to create a wedding day that you are going to cherish forever.


Okay, so why Elope in Ontario?

Think of an elopement as a scaled-back intimate way to share your vows. You get to save money to invest into your future together and have your closest circle of people present (if you wish!). And most importantly, you are keeping the main thing the main thing: you will finally be married! Add-in the beauty found in Ontario, and you have a lot of options! Want to know all perks of eloping? Read more about the benefits of an elopement or intimate wedding in this blog we wrote.


How to be legally married in Ontario

So step number one is to get your marriage licence. To be legally married in Ontario, fill out the Ontario Marriage License Application Form. Then apply in person together 90 days before your elopement date. You’ll get your marriage license in person on the same day you apply for it. Make sure to read over all of the requirements to get married in Ontario, including documents needed to receive your Ontario marriage licence. Once you have a marriage licence, you can get married in any city in Ontario so long as you have an officiant and two(2) witnesses (as your photographers we have that checked off for you!).


The wedding vendors you need

Even for an intimate wedding, you will want to have a small handful of vendors in place. This allows you to get the support you need to really relax on your big day. That way you can be fully present to how amazing it all is! The main wedding vendors you will want to have include the following:

  • officiant
  • photographer
  • florist for a fresh flower bouquet (trust us you will be so happy you had this!)
  • hair and makeup artist
  • dress/suit
  • optional: catering and a videographer

Keep in mind that the photographer you choose really influences the feel of your day, so make sure to pick someone you love to be around! Also, it’s so important to find a phtographer that knows how to pose you naturally so you don’t feel the pressure to “make yourself look good”!


Find an Ontario elopement location that inspires you

When thinking about where to elope in Ontario, pick a location that inspires you. A beautiful location plays a big role in your experience—and your wedding photos, too! The great thing about an elopement is that you can travel a little bit further out to find the venue of your dreams. Without a huge guest list, you have freedom to choose the exact spot you love the most!


Here’s our list of Ontario’s most beautiful elopement gems

Here’s a list of handpicked short-listed Ontario elopement location options that are truly special. Many of them have elopement or intimate wedding packages available. They are perfect for hosting a small weddings and we just adore them.

Here are our favourite options… Which one of these venues can you picture yourself at?:


Garden & Orchard elopement venues

We adore the romantic grounds at Arrowwood Farm!

You cannot go wrong choosing a venue filled with gardens and orchards. With so much greenery and picturesque symmetry, we love these spots!


Intimate estates

Elsie Perrin Williams Estate is the perfect mix of classic elegance surrounded by nature

We’ve always loved historical venues, but there’s a soft spot in our hearts for intimate estates for cozy celebrations of love!


Historic elopement locations

For a gorgeous classic vibe, you will love these venues… You can get married at an epic castle, or ancient ruins that are maintained conservation areas. Good photo location? Check.

The art-deco inspired building at R.C. Harris are stunning & just a stones throw from the lake

Winery elopement venues

Burning Kiln provide a great mix of landscapes and hospitality

Okay, we mentioned symmetry above, but add-in wine and could it get any better? Love these little winery gems.


Airbnb elopement venues

Renting an Airbnb means you get a change of scenery plus freedom to order in a caterer (or your favourite takeout!). Here are some estates that give you that class you’re looking for, plus catering freedom.


Outdoor Forest Elopements

We have a bunch of top-secret locations like this one that are private & gorgeous!

We will never say no to photographing a magical forest or charming rustic chic farmland! Here are some elopement locations to consider if you love the outdoors.


Winter Elopement Venues

Our most favourite venue to get married at in the winter time is Sydenham Ridge. You can see why we love Sydenham Ridge here!

handsome man kissing a beautiful woman in a lulus lace burgundy dress at a winter engagement session
Sydenham Ridge Estates is a true winter wonderland once the snow falls!

Really unique elopement locations & ideas

Okay we have saved the most fun options for last! If you are anything like us, you love adventure, experiencing the best things in life, and making it an experience to remember! Here are some super unique Ontario elopement ideas. They can also double as really fun honeymoon spots!



About Backyard Weddings

You didn’t think we’d leave out, did you? We love backyard weddings. It’s the simplest way to elope in Ontario. the key is to use them as a blank slate and create a space that feels truly special. With the savings from a traditional wedding and using your own property, hiring a talented wedding planner like Kassia Tjia to design a gorgeous mecca makes sense and all the difference. You won’t regret it!


Making it your own

At the end of the day, if you choose to elope in Ontario, you are choosing a lot of extra flexibility and freedom in designing your dream day. With so many incredible options for elopement locations, it makes sense to spend that little bit of extra time to make sure it’s a location that is memorable.



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