- The Best Wedding Photography Business Courses Showdown: Amy & Jordan vs. Kyle Goldie


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The Best Wedding Photography Business Courses Showdown: Amy & Jordan vs. Kyle Goldie

Our Favourite Wedding Photography Courses and Why they are worth it

Personal Development Junkies

Okay so we love a lot of things, but nothing fires us up more than education. We are personal development junkies. How to be the best you, how to have your best year yet… it’s all right up our alley. We also love to read books about time hacks and financial freedom (any Dave Ramsey fans out there?). But when it comes to finding GREAT wedding photography resources, they seem to be fewer and far between. These days everyone is offering a wedding photography course, and droves of photographers are shelling out a lot of cash to level up. We have expectations that if someone is selling a wedding photography course, they must be an expert. That’s just not true. And a lot of photographers have been burned, jaded, and turned off from investing in any education.

Our Favourite Wedding Photography Business Courses

For years we’ve studied posing, lighting, and shooting and editing techniques. We’ve also invested in wedding photography business courses. Which ones are the best ones? We are sharing our two favourites, but keep reading to see which one we would pick if we could only pick one!

Review of Amy & Jordan Demos’ Business Course

We have long been a fan of these two. Their courses are pure GOLD, and it doesn’t hurt that they have hearts of gold as well. They are successful for a reason: they know that it all comes down to how you treat people, and how you make people feel. They built their way upwards with a reputation of working hard and truly caring for others. Their example inspires so many photographers, and honestly, we find that AJ Students are some of the kindest photographers out there. We think it’s because what’s on leadership always flows downward, and these two are marked by incredible character. Their business course is tangible but also covers their philosophy of leading by serving. This is a concept we so get. After we married, both Dylan and I attended Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. We learned how to steward the little and how to build up others! A lot of their concepts and action points require quite a bit of marinating, however. The action steps provided go deep and wide, and each one can easily feel like big projects onto themselves, because sometimes they are. If you are looking for a strong foundation and strategies on running a business and putting people first in a way that you cannot ever lose, this is the way to go. Amy & Jordan are all about foundation building, and in an industry that can be so focussed on making money, they are a breath of fresh air and point to how there is so much more to having real success in the industry.


Review of Kyle Goldie’s Book More Weddings Course

We learned about Kyle Goldie through a great photographer friend. And after all of our education investments, we were kinda skeptical at first. We loved Amy & Jordan and couldn’t imagine a next step. The “Book More Weddings” title definitely captured our attention! But sometimes you get a little fatigued by all of the promises that you hear from course providers. Can I get an amen? When we heard how our friend finally went full-time using Kyle’s content, though, we did the math. If we got *just one* wedding because of what we would learn through Kyle Goldie’s course, the course would more than pay for itself. We now attribute our ability to launch towards our full-time dream to Kyle’s Book More Weddings course. It has delivered in spades. Specifically highly actionable no-fluff get-it-done content on such a huge spectrum of topics. If you want to ramp up your ability to serve dream clients, it’s the kind of course that can take you there, and really quickly – as quickly as you are able to work through the step-by-step content. As soon as you can take the steps, you’ll start seeing results. You can absolutely tell that Kyle has poured his more than 10 years of expertise in the wedding industry into this course. He serves his students with his mix of straight shooter advice and personalized care (yes, he is very active in his student’s Facebook group and also hosts FREE coaching calls)! It’s like having a business coach (BAZINGA!). Although Kyle does not take the same deep and wide approach of Amy & Jordan’s course, it is highly accessible and EASY to get stuff done and skyrocket.

Book More Weddings Course by Kyle Goldie

Battle of the Business Courses: AJ vs. Kyle Goldie

So what is the biggest difference between the two? I think it all comes down to the fact that these two courses are built by experienced educators with two very different DNAs. Amy and Jordan have a teaching background and are really gentle, encouraging, and focus a lot on the power of relationship building. They teach in a nutshell that success comes over the years, with patience and determination, and place a big emphasis on being humble and kind. Kyle is a business genius with a really high level of ambition and has a perfect coaching personality. He teaches shortcuts, and that business success in the wedding industry can be a lot it is simpler than most people think. Both are so important.

Although it’s hard to pick one course (if we absolutely had to!), we are biased towards Kyle Goldie’s Business Course. We give a lot of credit to Amy & Jordan for the foundation they’ve provided (yes, we are Trifecta students of theirs, and we have taken their AMAZING posing, shooting and editing, and business courses). If you can take Amy & Jordan’s courses, you will be a better human, photographer, and business owner (the range of courses are so worth it!). Kyle’s course however takes a more no-nonsense kick-in-the-pants approach and gives you all the steps you will need to authentically attract your tribe and live your wedding photography dream (in record time). His course content is what helped propel us forward and we are grateful for the chance to learn from both Amy & Jordan and Kyle Goldie.


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