The Most Beautiful Norfolk County Wedding Venues


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There’s a surprising number of beautiful Norfolk County wedding venues just outside of London! Here’s a roundup of our favourite gems. Just a short drive away from the city, these Southwestern Ontario wedding venues will surprise and delight you in your search for the perfect Ontario wedding location.


Where is Norfolk County?

Norfolk County is nestled right in the middle of London and Brantford, and a quick drive away from Tilsonberg and Norwich. And the trip to Norfolk County is so pretty and scenic! These venues are the perfect excuse for you and your wedding day guests to getaway to some fresh country air!


Burning Kiln Weddings

We adore the Burning Kiln for weddings, located in St. Williams, Ontario. The Burning Kilm has a stunning backdrop of rows upon rows of grapevines and plenty of wine tasting opportunities. It also has a forest trail with tall trees that reach into the sky, perfect for nature-lovers. This local winery is the perfect wedding venue for classic, relaxed, and intimate celebrations.


Nithridge Estates Weddings

If you can’t tell, we love the charm and classic feels of wineries! Nithridge Estates has one of the most stunning wedding venues in Southwestern Ontario. This estate boasts a famous cathedral arrangement of ceremony seating. Also, the outdoor stairways and organically manicured gardens and pond is literally pure romance. Another reason to love this venue is its absolutely elegant interiors. Nithridge Estates is the kind of space that delivers that fairytale feeling in spades.


Whistling Gardens Weddings

Whistling Gardens has been a long-time favourite. This award-winning garden will transport you. With gardens in a variety of themes and even exotic birds wandering onsite, you’ll love this gem in Wilsonville, Ontario. The French gardens are our personal favourite. But there’s also a romantic weeping willow, and even a pond with swans! It’s the kind of wedding venue that is perfect for romantics.


Cranberry Creek Gardens Weddings

As soon as we visited Cranberry Creek Gardens, we knew it would be a forever-favourite! The lovingly restored vintage white chapel and gorgeous manicured backdrops are unforgettable. We especially love the laneways of tall trees for a gorgeous frame on your wedding day! Located in Lynedoch, Ontario, this venue has everything you could need. Romantic gardens, The Mulberry Inn for accommodations, and a jaw-dropping restored barn for your reception. All in all, it’s easy to fall in love with Cranberry Creek!


The Lavender Farm Weddings

The Lavender Farm is as romantic as it sounds. This 75 year old heritage venue is perfect for a rustic chic celebration. Located in Ayr, Ontario, the Lavender Farm offers literally the perfect and timeless backdrop for wedding portraits. There’s nothing like photos in a lavender field! Definitely a rustic vibe, this space can be dressed up to suit your vision. And who doesn’t love lavender to keep the day wrapped up in pure calm?


Clonmel Castle Weddings

Located in Port Dover, Clonmel Castle is a gem of an elegant wedding venue. We had to include this red-bricked mansion in our round-up. It’s complete with climbing ivy leaves and white columns. Clonmel Castle has been lovingly restored and a Great Gastby feel (love!). It’s an ideal venue for an intimate and classically upscale wedding!


Norfolk County Wedding Vendors

We genuinely adore venues that transport you and give all the feels. And these Norfolk County wedding venues definitely qualify! The best next step is to connect with these venues directly. Not exactly sure on which wedding venue you’ll choose? We’d love to capture your amazing day and connect you with all of our favourites for a truly stress-free and fun experience. Contact us to get started!


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