The 6 most memorable wedding photos you need to have


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Here’s a round-up our the 6 most powerful wedding photos you need to have! All moments on your wedding day are sweet, but these wedding photography captures will always steal the show!


The power of the moment

We are so passionate about wedding photography because we know we’re documenting one of the most powerful legacy you’ll ever live out. There are few things that are more incredible! There are also a few moments that *really* make wedding day incredibly special and are the sweetest photos to own.


Six of the most powerful wedding photos

Here’s a list of the photos you need to have. Of course, the small seeminly insignificant moments can be really powerful too. The key is that you focus on just being present to all the joys on your wedding day so you can take it all in. A candid wedding photography approach (and gentle posing when needed!) really helps with this!

Because let’s be honest, there are some moments that are guaranteed to “take-your-breath-away”. And here’s they are!


No. 1: The First Look

Romantic First look at arrowwood farm

The first look will give you the rawest and most powerful wedding photos. There’s something about just having the two of you in a moment, prepared to dedicate the rest of your lives to each other.

First Look Tips:

  • never rush it; make sure you have a generous pocket of time to experience it! Eg. 15-20 minutes should do!
  • Decide on the how. Will you read letters to one another with backs turned, and then turn around to see each other for the first time? Do you prefer to call out his name and have him turn around to see you? Will you have him cover his eyes facing you until he can open them? There no wrong way, but pick what you think would create the sweetest moment!

No. 2: Confetti for your Ceremony Exit

You don’t want to miss this one! Exiting from your ceremony as husband and wife is a big deal!! And to do it right requires just a little bit of extra prep. Think about the kind of photo you want and reverse engineer it. We promise you’ll always treasure the wild joy from this moment, captured on camera.

Ceremony Exit Tips

  • choose your favourite confetti type! Our favourites include biodegradable dried flower petals (Eg. go for a flower type with tons of petals), tiny cut-up paper squares, confetti canons / wands, sparkles, and bubbles, etc)
  • To create a celebratory throw that shows up on camera, you want to achieve layers and layers of pretty, so be generous in planning more than enough “stuff” to throw around!
  • Have guest fill up their hands and throw your confetti of choice up and on an angle towards you!
  • If you go with bubbles, you’ll need to be a little more generous with buying bigger/better quality bubbles; small little wedding bubbles don’t really show up on camera that well.

No 3. Your big reveal with you Bridesmaids or Dad

Who says there’s only one first look on your wedding day? Plan that little bit of extra time for your bridesmaids to see you. You’ll LOVE seeing photos of them flipping out as you take their breath away! If you have a special connection with your Dad, be prepared for him to fight back tears because first looks with a Dad can’t compare to many things!

Reveal Tips

  • Make sure your bridesmaids are fully dressed with hair and makeup by the time you do your big reveal!
  • If you are planning for your Dad to see you in an official moment (so worth it…) just make sure he has his suit on already before he sees you.

No. 4: That One Fireplace Shot

After your wedding day has come on gone, trust us, you’ll be missing it! Plan to print at least one large photo for your home. Even pick a spot on your walls and get a frame! You’ll have tons of photos from your wedding day and you can get all your faves in your wedding album, but make sure you have at least one grand shot for your home or a collection of images on a photo wall. We adore candids, but make sure you get some photos of you looking at the camera, too!

Portrait Tips

  • start thinking about the kind of scenery you love and what will go well with your home decor colours!
  • Be prepared for some gentle posing help for a portrait and pose that looks magical on camera (it will translate amazingly well!)

No. 5: A photo of you with your grandparents

Grandparents are some of the most special people in our lives. Make sure to carve out a little time to get some sweet candids and portraits of them. It’s not everyday that you can get updated photos with them (most of your photos are likely when you were a kid!). You’ll be really grateful for these beautiful photos.

Grandparent Photo Tips

  • Grandparents sometimes deal with mobility challenges. Plan for photos with your grandparents at the start of family portraits so that they can be comfortable and not have to wait long for photos.
  • Soak in the precious moments with them! While family portraits can take about 3-45 minutes from your day, it’s really precious. Just think, it’s not often that everyone in your family gathers *just for you*!

No. 6: Light up the Night!

Fireworks go off behind bride and groom as they celebrate together

We LOVE classic reception photos. We’re big fans of all the timeless ambience and romance of golden candlelight—and also sparklers(!) when you exit. And fireworks! On such a special night, it’s totally worth it to plan something memorable!

Nighttime lighting & evening Exit tips

  • With outdoor wedding, you cannot go wrong with *lots* of string lights! From dusk to dark, it adds so much charm. We also love first dances under the star (and twinkle lights!)
  • For your exit, sparklers are always magical. Not only does it make for a timeless photo, it such a celebratory moment that perfectly wraps up a big day! Make sure you pick extra long sparklers like these ones.
  • The trick to lots of candles at your reception is checking on the guidelines for candle safety. It’s well worth asking before you buy all those beautiful candles!
  • If you are having your wedding on a private property or one that allows fireworks, it will be the most memorable moment to finish the night or kick-start the evening celebrations!

Wedding Photos that you need round-up

We hope you loved this round-up of the 6 most powerful wedding photos you need to have! We know you’ll treasure them for all the years to come and they’ll always be some of your absolute most favourite moments—and wedding photos from your big day.


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