8 things every bride should do on her wedding day morning


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A Wedding Day Morning Unique to You!

Getting ready on your wedding day is such a special time. The girls’ room is always filled with so much light, happiness, joy, and laughter! We love being able to capture these incredible little moments for every one of our brides! Below we have a list of the 8 best things to do on your wedding day morning with your girls by your side.

1. Exchange Letters or Gifts with the Groom

It is always such a special thing when you get to open a letter and gift from your sweetheart be. (Where are all the “gift” love language people at?). And it’s even more special is it on your wedding day! This is really an area that you can make such a unique and special impact on your future spouse. A heartfelt letter and/or a special gift that forever bring back all of the feelings of the day you got married.

2. Have a Bridal “Party”

Having family and friends around you on your wedding day is amazing. But friends that are family? That’s what bridesmaids are for! To make it even more special, we love when brides plan a special moment to celebrate together! Matching robes and sipping champagne or mimosas? Do something that is special to you. How about confetti popper? Or maybe go outside and let the champagne fly! They are all incredible options, the key is to make it special for you.

Bride with her bridesmaids in matching robes sitting on a white swing.

Quick tip: If you do a confetti popper just sure to pop your confetti up and out towards the camera!

3. Assemble your Bridal Details

In preparation for your wedding day morning, pull together all of your jewelry, signature perfume, stationary, bouquet and any other keepsakes or small details from your wedding day. Have them all in a box so that when we walk in, we can jump right in and capture all of your important bridal details. Also, make sure you have someone that can remove any packaging, plastic tags, and stickers from your items to save time in the morning!

Custom wedding stationary designed by the bride

Bonus tip: Ask your florist if they can provide some clippings of greenery & florals used when making your bouquet! We can use these extra bits and pieces when styling your wedding details and keepsakes.

4. Getting Ready in Lots of Space & Light

We know that often getting ready locations can be very sentimental. When considering where to get ready with your girls on your wedding day, look for areas or rooms that have tons of natural light coming in the room. Lots of large windows equals really dreamy getting ready photos. We are light and airy photographers, who go for as natural a look as possible. So when we walk into a room that has a clean uncluttered light coloured background, lots of space and a lot of natural light, we get REALLY excited. We get excited because we know that the result of these photos are going to be gorgeous and be everything you have been dreaming of for your bridal portraits! We do have some tricks for adding light when necessary, but a large light-filled room is always the goal.

If you don’t have access to a large light and bright space, some other options could include asking a family member to let you use their home for your getting ready, or using a light-filled bed & breakfast on AirBNB for your getting ready location.

Bride has a first look moment with her bridesmaids in Kincardine Ontario

5. Have a Hard Stop for Hair & Makeup

We typically recommend that all hair & makeup be completed 20 minutes after we arrive at your getting ready location. This means that anyone having hair & makeup is all ready. This allows us the ability to have all of your girls and any parents in the photographs of you putting on your dress, your jewelry, shoes, etc… We also know that from a practical stand point, if we can get you to either your first look or your ceremony on right on time, the rest of your timeline is going to run pretty smoothly.

Finishing touches of makeup on her wedding day at The Retro Suites Hotel

6. Allow for Breathing Room in your Timeline

We want to tell the story of your day as it truly is. And we want to capture those incredible moments of you getting ready. But most of all, we want you to take it all in. We want you to be able to slow down and savour what is happening. The beginning of your legacy and that you are marrying the man of your dreams!

Breathing room in your wedding timeline is a huge part of having photos that are authentic and full of emotion. These are the photos that you will treasure most. By having this breathing room, you are giving yourself space to fully experience and just relax, take in every special moment. To soak in the love that you two share, and to experience it fully together by being fully present in each moment. Wedding days can fly by so quickly, so we recommend to give yourself space to be together and just be.

Bride and groom walk together down the steps at Western University Campus in London Ontario

7. Don’t Forget the Wedding Flowers!

Work with your florist to set a time so that the flowers can be where they need to be before we arrive. Also, assign someone you love and trust to make sure the flowers, including your bouquets and boutonnieres, are ready and set aside to be included in the photographs. We love to include your flowers in your getting ready photos because they are so pretty! They also are gorgeous shots to have in your wedding album. All of these little details tell the story of your day.

Bride getting ready at her family home in Oxford County

If you aren’t sure who should get flowers at a wedding check this blog post out: https://dylanandsandra.com/personal-flowers-at-a-wedding/

8. Embrace being the VIPs

On your wedding day, your one job is to enjoy all the moments. Soak in all the love from your family and friends. They are there to support you. Your wedding day is all about the two of you becoming one. Think about it: You have done a lot of heavy lifting with wedding planning or hired an awesome wedding planner. You have selected an awesome team of vendors who are there for you. Your only job now is to step back and let your wedding party be there for you. This way you can be fully present and experience your day as it unfolds. So don’t be afraid to ask your wedding party to do something or give them a specific responsibility to help make your morning and your wedding stress-free.

Couple walking down the hill on the property of Windermere Manor

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