Why your Wedding Invitation is an important part of your day (and links to our favourites!)


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Why a wedding invitation is an important part of your wedding photography

Today we are talking about the one detail that we believe makes the most impact stylistically in your wedding day photography. It also makes your photos feel super editorial! You guessed it: your wedding invitation. Here is some inspiration and tips for picking the perfect wedding invitation. We are also including a feature on Basic Invite, a unique and completely customizable wedding invitation option we love and why we know you will too!


Powerful Touch-points

Loving this pretty crest invitation!

The truth is, physical objects from your wedding day are touchpoints that make all the memories come alive. Your wedding invitation is one of those powerful touchpoints that we love to photograph. When combined with the moments of your day and your favourite people that define your day, we consider your wedding stationery to be that final piece that ties everything together perfectly!


What a Good Wedding Invitation Does

Heart eyes for this modern romantic script suite

Great wedding stationery should accomplish three things! 

  1. It perfectly reflects your personality 
  2. Wedding stationery should reflect the vibe of your day and give your guest a hint of the celebration to come
  3. Your invitation should be part of a cohesive collection of pieces. These pieces will be peppered throughout your wedding experience have have the same look and feel.

Think of your wedding invitation as the “nutshell” reflection of the look and feel of your wedding day. Your invitation is also the source of inspiration for all of your other printables! The key is you want all of your stationery pieces to be part of a cohesive whole: everything should match without being annoyingly matchy-matchy!


Pieces to Consider

When you pause to think about all of the printables and touchpoints you and your guests will have, there are actually quite a few! From your engagement invitation to your wedding invitation and more, here’s a list of some of the most popular pieces:


Finding the perfect wedding invitation

This stationery suite incorporates the gorgeous textures of oil paintings!

Not all wedding stationery is made equal! And you probably want to avoid picking something that everyone has already seen. That’s why so many brides love getting their wedding stationery custom-made!

While we LOVE a gorgeous bespoke wedding invitation suite, they are not accessible to every bride. Every bride deserves her dream stationery that can be fully customized (okay, yes, as a designer I’m completely biased!). And that’s why we adore Basic Invite. Today we’re going to highlight why we love their fully customizable approach and designs so much!

Take a look at these beauties!


Invitations: It’s all about the details

An oh-so-classic invitation suite we adore!

If you are like us, it’s all about the details. We love how easy it is to customize every little aspect of your wedding stationery experience using Basic Invite.

Some things that set apart Basic Invite and are worth mentioning:

  • They give you a free matching wedding website that has the same design as your wedding stationery!
  • You can change the colours on any of the designs you see (180 colours to choose from!) to match your wedding colour scheme to-a-T
  • Say goodbye to basic white envelopes! YAY!! There’s over 40 colours of envelopes.
  • There are hundreds (900 to be exact) wedding stationery suites to choose from
  • Free custom gold foil. Need I say more?
  • They offer free address collection from your guests
  • Our favourite: free envelope printing! 

Unique ways to dress up your invitation

Getting wedding stationery with a really custom feel is what sets apart your wedding stationery. We always love seeing invitation suites that are unique-looking! The way you accessorize your invites makes a big difference in the overall effect!

Ways to make your wedding invitation feel extra unique include:

  • Using a vellum overlay
  • Belly bands
  • Envelope liners in any colour or photo!
  • Custom wax seals

Invitation favourites to check out

Our top faves are posted here within this post (aren’t they gorgeous?!!).

And here are some other Basic Invite design categories to consider that are truly different!:


Free Wedding Planner Printable

Some of us just love a good pen-to-paper resource! To get started, download their FREE wedding planner (the ratings on this free resource are so good!)

Download their amazing free wedding planner


The Perfect Customized Invitation

With so many wedding invitation services and companies out there, Basic Invite is definitely at the top of our list! If you want a service that makes your entire wedding planning and stationery experience amazing, you won’t be disappointed! Just read the ratings on their designs and you will see just how amazing they are! While you are at it, customize one of your favourites, you can order a sample easily and see it all in real life before you order everything! Happy wedding planning!


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