Carolyn & Craig | Romantic Norfolk County Engagement Session


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A Romantic Norfolk County Engagement Session

When we reflect on the moments of this Norfolk County engagement session, we still feel all the joy! Carolyn and Craig are like those star-crossed lovers that you could not imagine them being with anyone else. The way Craig looks at her, the way she feel safe with him. It’s one of those privileges that the lucky ones get. And we are lucky that we got to capture their magic together at this dreamy Norfolk County property.


The Beauty of Norfolk County

Norfolk County is a combination of rolling field and forest that always takes our breath away. We’re amazed at how driving just within an hour radius, we get to see so much beauty! Add-in this sweetest couple, a little bit of champagne and a lot of laughter, and you can see the magic.


A location with history

For this Norfolk County Engagement Session, the location was one that was sentimental. Craig grew up on these rolling hills with the property belonging to family, and it was so special to visit it once again in celebration of their engagement. Tons of greenery, flowering trees, a pond and more, everything had changed a little since last visited. Just like their new chapter together, everything felt new and like home at the same time.


Home with you

The connection between Carolyn and Craig can be seen and felt. Playful and exciting and surreal, they let us capture their amazing togetherness to celebrate their vows this coming summer! After all the waiting, we know the day will be truly magical!


Always an adventure

After popping champagne at their engagement session, they toasted to their future with all the anticipation. Good thing the rain decided to hold off for their session… until the very last moment, and then we all ran back to our cars!


Sending love

We always think of love as one of those miracles of life. You can’t make it happen when you want it to, and when it happens, it changes you forever. On their wedding day, we know that’s gonna be a timestamp in history that will keep their love inspired for all the beautiful years to come. Wishing you so much happiness on this crazy road of life as you always do life hand in hand, Carolyn & Craig. xo D&S


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Location: One of many gorgeous spots in Norfolk County

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