FireRock Golf Club Wedding


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This FireRock Golf Club wedding was a big party celebrating two people who are meant to be, amazing lifelong friends, and family who you know will always be there for each other!

Journey together

Every once in a while we meet a couple who have already traveled a long, hard road together. Kelly and Daryl have not always had it easy. But they are stronger because of having each other. Their FireRock Golf Club wedding was an amazing celebration of their bond and a love that will never give up.

A summery September day

Kelly and Darryl’s wedding was held on the first day of Fall, but it definitely felt like a summer wedding! One of the things we loved about their wedding was that they owned the traditions they loved, and were so easygoing about everything else on their day! It’s a beautiful thing when couples make their day exactly what they want it to be.

She marches to her own beat

The day kicked off with Kelly surrounded by her besties, sister, mom—and all of her favourite littles in her life! You need to know two things about Kelly. Okay three. She adores the littles to whom she gets to be auntie. She is an incredible athlete and plays on a baseball team. And third, from our first email exchange, we completely appreciated her ridiculously hilarious dry sense of humour. She’d make a great stand-up comic and if she had a Netflix special, we would totally watch her!

Calm and steady

Darryl was surrounded by his best friends, Jeff and Bill. It was so great seeing them reunite (they all travelled in from different cities) and it was really fun hanging out with them!! Darryl is the kind of guy that cares deeply. He is Kelly’s “calm” and her safe place. Darryl has also been through health challenges, but he is the ultimate trooper! We admire how these two care for each other and pull through anything that comes their way.

Firerock Golf Club

We love how Firerock has an outdoor covered ceremony area plus a great reception space. The ambiance was a great mix of summer patio meets classy elegance. The greens include mature trees and forested horizons that are such gorgeous backdrops for photos!

The Party Begins

This Firerock Golf Club wedding was the perfect spot for these two. But our favourite highlight was absolutely the people. It was a great crowd! Kelly put all the guests in stitches with her speech (that included Darryl’s two cents every so often!). Family speeches created a humorous trail of childhood stories. The stories, the space, and the atmospher made for a perfect night of celelbration for these two humans.

Kelly and Darryl, thank you so much for entrusting us to document this incredible day in your history… We are so happy you have found each other! Wishing you the best days ahead filled with tons of health and laughter and adventures hand-in-hand!

Vendor love

Florals: Earthen Elegance Floral

Venue: FireRock Golf Club

Cupcakes: Erin Holme

Dress: Savvy Bridal Consignment

Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal


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