Your dog at your wedding and how to plan it all stress-free


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You want to include your fur baby on your wedding day

You probably found this blog because you are searching for information about having a wedding dog sitter. You’ve come to the right place!

The average time couples spend planning a wedding ranges from a year to a year and a half. You’ve created Pinterest boards. Many Pinterest boards. You’ve painstakingly gone over all of the details. And you’ve hired all of your favourite wedding vendors to pull off your dream wedding.

Now that you are on the final leg before the big day, you start to panic. What will you do with your beloved furbaby? You’re going to be gone all day, and your pup sticks to a schedule. Not to mention that you want wedding pictures with you dog! What do you do?

Your fur baby is your baby

Cute dog wearing a floral collar during a wedding. Hire a dog sitter for your wedding day to make sure your fur baby is taken care of.

Hire a wedding dog attendant

And here’s why. You dog is so important to you that you want them to be at your wedding, too! Everyone you know and love will also be in attendance at your wedding; you, your family, and your guests will be in the throws of joy and celebration. You won’t want to miss out on any of the day’s events. And the day goes by so quickly! When you hire a wedding dog attendant, you (and all of your friends and loved ones) can be fully present and enjoy your wedding day in its entirety!

Someone to care for your dog on your wedding day

AA wedding dog attendant’s cares for your dog’s every need, from assessing stress levels to providing hydration and relief breaks. A wedding dog attendant will help your dog navigate potential stress and new surroundings at the wedding venue. All of this is done while providing comfort with all of the high energy in the environment!

Dog care at weddings in London, Ontario

Bride & groom's dog, Chester, comes up to them for some love during their sunset pictures.

The bride has a maid of honour. The groom has the best man. Now your dog needs someone, too! We recently learned about Black Dog & Company and are so impressed by their track record and expertise!

A wedding dog sitter vs. a Dog Attendant

Black Dog & Company is an incredible solution for brides with dogs. Not only do they know how to provide your dog with top-notch care. Owner Ash has her certification as a Certified Wedding Planner through The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC)! The reason for this is simple, and it has been essential to how they operate. Black Dog & company works directly with your photographer, wedding planner and other wedding professionals on your behalf. They know exactly how to collaborate with all of your vendors. The result? Your pup get the top-notch care they deserve, and you and your family and friends get a stress-free experience!

Zero stress for you (& your dog) at your wedding

Black Dog & Company works on standby with all the bribery and toys! They do all the work to keep your dog looking at the camera and remaining engaged so you get the photos you want and will love! Having this extra support is essential for keeping your dog “on point” to be the best wedding guest pawsible. Yup, that just happened! We love how Black Dog & Company takes care of their brides!

What a Dog attendant does at weddings

You’ve decided to hire a wedding dog attendant. Here is what your family can expect from Black Dog & Company:  

  • Wedding professionals that are insured and bonded. 
  • First aid ready, with an emergency kit, and collect emergency contact information ahead of time in case of something unexpected.
  • Reliable and safe transportation. Our vehicles are maintained regularly, comfortable and air-conditioned, giving your dog a proper VIP chauffeur experience.
  • A meet and greet! It is standard practise that Black Dog & Company arranges a meet and greet with you, your fiancé and your dog. We want to establish some familiarity for your dog, so they aren’t caught off guard with a stranger handling them on the day of the wedding. Black Dog & Company will review your wedding plans, your dog’s needs and answer any questions you may have. 
  • Suggestions to incorporate your dog into your wedding day.
  • An itinerary for your dog on your wedding day, you’ll know where your dog will be at every point of the day!
  • Spoiling. To the max. That’s the best part of our job! From the initial meet and greet to after ceremony photos, we treat your dog like our own!

Dogs are family, too!

Bride and groom with their awesome dog cooper on their wedding day

Your dog is family. Wedding days are special days and a wedding dog sitter doesn’t have specialized industry knowledge. A dog attendant provides you peace of mind that they’re going to be the best behaved guest on your wedding day! Having a wedding and need someone to care for your dog for you? We know Black Dog & Company will take great care of you both!

About Black Dog & Company

Owner Ash Moore, a lifelong dog lover with several years of fostering experience, discovered there was a need for this unique service after deciding to include her dog in her wedding. You can expect to see her, personally, at your wedding accompanying your dog when you book with Black Dog & Company. She employs her love of dogs and extensive experience as a foster and dog walker to ensure all details are covered when it comes to the unprecedented attention required to include your dog in your wedding! She is located in London, Ontario and services weddings across Southwestern, Ontario.

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