Ronda & Sam | Kurdish Wedding at the Rocks in Sydney, Australia


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If ever there was a modern romantic love story that could take your breath away, it would be Ronda and Sam’s. How did this pro old-school barber and the Australian fashion designer of Lovers and Collaborators meet? You could say it was love at first sight. And second sight, and every sight after that…

They met years back, and then their paths parted. But it was not meant to end there. They found each other one evening when Sam, a bouncer at the time, spotted her once again. He could not stop looking her way, and like a gentleman, he pulled her aside and they started talking… And everything began again, but this time it was a connection that would not let go.

The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-01.jpgTo say that this beautiful couple is passionate for one another just cannot do justice to the strong love and connection they share. This was our first taste of a Kurdish wedding, filled to the brim with celebration, traditional cuisine, hours of dancing, family, and a whole lot of love – and we were overwhelmed with joy, excitement, and the honour that it was to be a part of it. A week before their wedding celebration, Ronda and Sam held their wedding ceremony; they knew they wanted post-wedding photographs, and asked us to tell the story of their Wedding Celebration using the backdrop of some of the most stunning and iconic Sydney locations, including Dawes Point under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, Argyle Street and The Rocks area to capture the beautiful architecture of the area.

The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-08.jpgThe day unfolded alongside the incredibly talented film team from The Big Films, beginning at the bride’s family home, and then off to Argyle Street and The Rocks where busy markets and street shops were set up. We spotted a street performer and asked him to play a song for the newly-wed bride and groom because it was their wedding day. He started serenading them, and they danced, and many people walking by stopped to surround them and watch. It was a beautiful moment that they will treasure forever, and one of my favourite moments so far in doing what I do. We then went to an area near Centennial Park, the location where Ronda would read a letter she had written for Sam. The connection that was shared during this moment was so authentic and brought tears to Sam’s eyes as Ronda shared the love she had for Sam, and her life-promise to him.

After Ronda and Sam’s wedding portrait session came to an end, we travelled over to Le Montage in Lilyfield for the wedding reception. Ronda and Sam entered dancing and the dancing continued throughout the night. Ronda and Sam, wishing you a lifetime of love and that you never stop inspiring and bringing joy to one another.

/// DS

The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-11.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-12.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-15.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-17.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-18.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-19.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-21.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-24.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-30.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-32.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-35.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-41.jpg

The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-45.jpgThe-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-44.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-43.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-46.jpg The-Rocks-Le-Montage-Sydney-Wedding-Sam-Ronda-49.jpg

Dress Designer: Ronda Elmasri of Lovers and Collaborators / Venue: Le Montage / Film: The Big Films / Groom’s Suit: Politic / Floral Design: Mary Athena Floral / Wedding Rings: Starco


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When I look through the pictures IT TRANSPORTS ME RIGHT BACK"

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