Polish Italian Wedding at Michelangelo’s Banquet Hall in Hamilton, Ontario


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A pair of old souls get married in this classic Polish Italian Wedding in Hamilton, Ontario

It started with a pocket watch

He held onto the pocket watch. Very gently, he ran his fingers over the curved edge. Time floated. He lifted the lid. On the inside was an inscription in Italian. A gift received, in memory of a dad whom he never would have imagined would be celebrating this day heaven-side. Adrian held onto the watch a little bit tighter, a little bit longer, and then set it down very gently. He had a bride he was going to see, the one who had been by his side and he, hers. Today was the day that he was marrying his best friend.

It’s days like these that bring in all the feelings and make you hold tight to the good things that you have. Tonya and Adrian’s wedding day was an incredible celebration and it’s impossible not to love these two. 

A beautiful bride & her cat

Tonya was such a glowing bride! She’s the kind of person who has this incredible grace about her (think the most down-to-earth person meets royal ballerina). She was so calm, collected and completely joyful. And just a note, who has a jawline and cheekbones like that girl?! Mishu her cat was so adorable, too. We are definitely dog people, but this cat proves that bride and cat photos should definitely be big a thing!

Days like these are the ones you always remember

Tonya and Adrian had their first look at Adrian’s mom’s place and it was one of the most precious moments of the day. We always adore photographing a groom seeing his bride for the first time, it’s an amazing way to set the stage for their day and allow them to have a moment just to the two of them. Next, we all headed to their beautiful ceremony at St Margaret Mary Church in Hamilton. We then made a comeback to Sam Lawrence Park – the spot where they had their engagement photo shoot – for their wedding party portraits. Then we were off to party at Michelangelo’s Banquet Hall!

The night was flavoured with a lot of laughter, a dose of alcohol shots for guests as they arrived, and a custom mix of other Polish and Italian traditions and celebrations that was completely their own! Tonya and Adrian, you are beautiful old souls and you make this world better together! /// Much love, Dylan & Sandra


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"Dylan & Sandra were incredible! We're not naturally comfortable getting our pictures taken, but they made us feel at ease. They captured the feeling of our wedding... When I look at the pictures it transports me right back. It's been such a precious gift!!"

When I look through the pictures IT TRANSPORTS ME RIGHT BACK"

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