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A London Ontario Forest Engagement Session that reminds us of how precious finding a lifelong best friend truly is. Jenn & Matt paused to breathe in, and then out. Their embrace tightened. She melted into his chest and felt the warmth of his beating heart that she had fallen in love with. Ten years came and now here they were in this moment of time, peaceful, safe, and on the cusp of their wedding day. 

It felt like a dream

Jen and Matt’s connection is filled with some kind of magic dust because we were getting all the feels from these two. Their Meadowlily Woods engagement session was a dream. Willow trees, a golden sparkling sun that popped in after a gloomy, rainy day, and the nearby river. London Ontario forest engagement sessions never disappoint. All of that as the setting plus their connection was just pure joy to document.

Love for travel

These two are trailblazers and awesome humans! And one of the things that seem to be a common thread in nearly each of our couples is a wanderlust for travel and exploration. Since having our little guy Griffin, we’ve fed our love for travel with mostly local exploration. So when we found out that Jenn & Matt are getting married at the Alps, and then going to France… we were so excited! And for good reason. 

First, we love when couples make their weddings days their own and do exactly what *they* want to do. It’s way too easy to feel outside pressure to make your wedding day fit a mould. It takes being true to yourself to simply own it and make it your own, but it’s always worth it. You will never regret a wedding day that genuinely feels like you.

Secondly, it may have lit a fire and reminded us of how much more of the world and different cultures we want to experience! We are seriously stoked to see their documented Wedding Hiking adventure when they get back!!! And after they return, we’re gonna have a seriously amazing wedding celebration back here in London (as expected their London Wedding will have some very special surprises that you will want to check back to see)!

Forest Engagement at Meadowlily Woods Trail 

Jenn & Matt picked Meadownlily Woods Trails as one of their top favourite trails in the city! This spot is a true gem — first of all, it has a willow tree (major check mark!). But there’s also water, woods, and a trail… it’s a perfect spot for nature lovers!

Wedding celebration countdown

We had a lot of fun with these two at Meadowlily Woods Trail! They even brought along Adrian, Jenn’s cousin, as an amazing sidekick who kept us laughing the whole time. He has a fabulous salon and did her hair (ummm gorgeous!!!). We all had fun with a bunch of jabs, jokes, and admiring how much in love these two are. It was an honour to document your powerful love Jenn and Matt. And we cannot wait to celebrate at your wedding party this summer!

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