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They were highschool sweethearts

Every once in a while, a love story comes along that seems like one in a million. This one started 14 years ago when two teens fell in love. It’s so rare when a love like this fully blossoms. And even rarer when you see it result in two families, and from different cultures, coming together as one. After meeting these two after their engagement session, we already knew they really were something special! We adored Pourie and Nick’s elsie Perrin Williams Estate wedding!

A toast to remember

On the wedding day of Pourie and Nick, the couple made a toast. Not to themselves but to honour a gathering of family and friends from across the globe, there to share it all with them. Guests from Hong Kong, San Francisco, Australia, Nicaragua and more gathered to witness the vows of two of the most beautiful people we have met. Speech after speech was a testament to the depth and width of their love, character, and how their love has tangibly inspired so many.

Heritage home wedding

Pourie and Nick’s wedding was held at the Elsie Perrin Williams Estate here in London Ontario. This heritage home is an absolute gem in the heart of London. Anyone that knows us knows that we love vintage classic architecture because of all the heritage and human stories behind it all – we’re just sentimental like that! Elsie Perrin Williams Estate did not disappoint. The gardens were perfectly manicured and flowing with brilliant florals and greenery. This was a tent wedding, nestled alongside the mansion. Truly surrounded with love (and such a beautiful family!), these two had a celebration for the books.

The marriage of two beautiful cultures

We loved how their wedding theme was completely their own. A combination of a simple ceremony, Persian tradition (there was a beautiful Sofreh Aghd spread made by Pourie’s incredible mom), Chinese tradition (they had their tea ceremony days before], a reception personalized with raw and heartfelt soundtracks and tear-inducing speeches from childhood best friends, sisters, brothers, parents, and a full-on Persian dance party that you can’t help but move to. McDonalds take-out courtesy of Uber Eats also made an appearance for the hungry groomsmen. The sweets table (complete with our favourite peanut butter chocolate, Wunderbar is so underestimated!!) and Pourie’s mom’s baklava (side note — seriously the best we have tasted) was the perfect touch and send-off for their guests. By the end of our day with them, our hearts were full.

Pourie and Nick, we know your future together is filled with a lifetime of blessing. Keep doing you and writing your story for the generations, your love is a gift to everyone that knows you. /// D&S

See their Springbank Park engagement session here!

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Elsie Perrin Williams Estates Wedding

Vendor Love

Venue: Elsie Perrin Williams Estate

DJ: Music Central

Catering: Culinary Catering

Hair: AlyCat Makeup & Hair Artistry

Makeup: Beauty by PREEN


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