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In 2014, we embarked on a bit of a fairytale when we shot our first wedding for an Australian fashion designer. The experience was pure magic as we captured two best friends in love, unforced and candid, the beginnings of a beautiful life journey and legacy.

That is when we discovered a true passion for capturing the most precious photos our couples will ever own. Images of the beginning of it all, lifelong promises, and reminders of a love worth fighting for. 

We believe the best photos are the ones that happen when you are living in the moment

When a couple books Dylan & Sandra Photography for their wedding day, they'll have the easiest photography experience they've ever had because of our signature experience. The result is priceless memories to enjoy and share for generations.

Let's tell the story of your day, filled with all the happy tears and laughter and moments you cannot wait to experience! We are so privileged to guide you through it all! 

· A dad wiping all-the-tears from his face during the father-daughter dance

· A happy couple laughing wildly as they exit their ceremony with confetti being tossed everywhere

· the utter amazement on a groom's face as he keeps sneaking looks at his beautiful bride, his Wife!

Let's capture the real stuff. Moments like:

Our goal is to capture the authentic beauty of your story, so long after, you have a reminder of just how significant it is.

Mémère & Pépère have shown us that love is worth it. Two best friends in love that have been through it all, and still can't imagine life apart. There's something powerful about faithful lifelong love. Two imperfect humans invested in each other & creating their dream life together.

Wedding photos that one day will be old photos, speak worlds about our beginnings. Filled with so much hope and life, hinting at all the dreams and adventure about to unfold.

When we capture your wedding day story, we are imagining the generations that will be inspired by you and your love story. The babies and grand babies that will see how beautiful your love was, and is. That the good things in life can last and that love is always the greatest legacy of all. 

Memere & Pepere's Wedding Day


Can put anyone at ease. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Has lightning speed agility.

LEAD Photographer Gentleman + Logistician
breakfast food lover


Obsessed with capturing beauty. Glass is always half full. Lover of adventures.

LEAD Photographer
Passionate Visionary 
always creating


Meet the Team

With an education in paramedics, a pocketful of lame Dad jokes, and steady at all times, Dylan is that calming force that lifts everyone's spirit.

Trained as social scientist and graphic designer, Sandra is a passionate artist with a deep love for her work. She combines her Enneagram 2 helper skills with creative vision for stunning visual storytelling. 

Our associate photographers serve alongside us. They are talented and dedicated to the same vision we are so passionate about—to love and serve you well on one of your most amazing days. 

Associate Team

Authentic moments you'll want to relive again & again

We can't wait to connect and hear all about the day you are planning! Let's capture your incredible story.


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"Dylan and Sandra have been the most heartfelt, passionate photography duo that my husband and I could have ever imagined. The entire experience was incredible!"

Rachel & Christopher