We are driven to capture the authentic beauty of your love story, so long after, you have a reminder of just how significant it is.

Wedding photos that one day will be old photos, speak worlds about our beginnings. Filled with so much hope and life, hinting at all the dreams and adventure about to unfold.

Dylan's Mémère & Pépère have shown us that love is worth it. Two best friends in love that have been through it all, and still can't imagine life apart. There's something powerful about faithful lifelong love. Two imperfect humans invested in each other & creating their dream life together.

Using a perfect blend of both candid documentary and editorial approaches, we capture your wedding day imagining the generations that will be inspired by you and your love story. The babies and grand babies that will see how beautiful your love was, and is. That the good things in life can last.

Because love is always the greatest legacy of all


our inspiration

THEY WERE easily the best decision we made in our whole wedding experience

They consistently went above and beyond the call of duty. They are two extremely talented, heartfelt, and generous people that will fit seamlessly into your wedding day as if they were meant to be part of your wedding party. We cannot sing their praises enough!


Dylan, Sandra and their Team put genuine care into each wedding day, capturing heirloom imagery that tells a story. Inspired by the power of human connection, legacy, and gorgeous light, they weave together incredible memories to last a lifetime and beyond.

Meet your photographers

LEAD Photographer Gentleman + Logistician
breakfast food lover


LEAD Photographer
Passionate Visionary 
always creating


Dylan can put anyone at ease, wears his heart on his sleeve, and has lightning speed agility. With an education in paramedics, a pocketful of lame Dad jokes, and steady at all times, Dylan is that calming force that lifts everyone's spirit.

Obsessed with capturing beauty and a lover of adventure, Sandra is like a bonus bridesmaid who will be your consummate cheerleader. With an MA in Human Development, Sandra looped back to the arts and has a deep love for her work. She combines her Enneagram 2 helper skills with creative vision for stunning visual storytelling. 

LEAD Photographer


Sarah’s gift for capturing the essence of people and her down-to-earth approach makes her the perfect third-wheeler for relaxed wedding days. She will also stop for dogs at any given moment, and treasures her little three-legged dog Winky!

LEAD Photographer


Sam has an eye for all the details, is calm and steady, and has a great artistry and elegance about the way she captures human connection. With a high level of organization, she takes care of all the details so you can enjoy every moment of your big day. 

Our wedding photos are just breathtaking. I cannot stop looking at them!


get to know us

We exchanged vows eleven months later on 12-12-12, moved to Australia, watched 4:30am Aussie sunrises for three years, adventured life in a camper van in NZ, and came back to Canada to put down roots close to family—because family is everything.

While living this great adventure together, we fell in love with wedding photography and there was no going back.

Our own experience of being married to one another and living this gift called life hand-in-hand is what has made us so incredibly passionate about capturing the most important thing for others, too: having each other.

We were friends, and Dylan promised that "one little dance wouldn't ruin our friendship". I was a nervous wreck and made Dylan wait minutes before agreeing. And then I made him dance at an arms-apart distance with me (yes, awkward!!). Good thing he went with it... On that very dance floor, we decided that just possibly, maybe, we were meant to be forever. 

It all started with a dance on NYE

Let's capture the real stuff, all the emotions, the people you adore, and document this incredible story about to unfold. We know holding your wedding images in-hand will always take you back. We can't wait to capture it all for you.